Gujoil is a progressive and dynamic state level co-operative federation set up in August 2003 primarily engaged in the processing business of various kinds of vegetable oils. Gujoil is committed towards promoting farmers by offering them better price realization, thus upgrading the rural community.

Gujoil's mentors play a crucial role in developing the enterprise into a reliable and efficient institution. At the helm of an excellent & proficient team are Bharatbhai Naranbhai Patel - Chairman, Shri Amitbhai Kantilal Guru - Managing Director and other board of Directors with their untiring endeavors.

Gujoil's Mission is to serve local co-operatives and agricultural producer-owners by performing the primary business unctions of procurement, processing and marketing of oils and oilseeds.

Gujoil's reason for existence is to put more money into the pockets of producers and do the best possible job of managing its owner's investments. Every decision in Gujoil is made with those percepts in mind.

Our Co-operative motto is “Partners in Agri Business”

Our partners are both farmers and other stakeholders, including Gujoil's outstanding employees. Gujoil is partner with the greatest people on earth.

  • True value of the products for the farmers by adding value to their produce
  • Effective customer care services
  • Necessary resources required for the quality management systems to prove excellence
  • Monitoring the processes to ensure environmental care
  • Inputs for enriching technical and interpersonal skills
  • The endeavor for continuous improvement shall remain mission of ever employee and the management